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Aashish B. Chaudhary



.a small peep into who i am.
aashish chaudhary

Like all kids, I was introduced to the world of die cast cars by my father. Every now and then, I would get one Hot Wheels at a time which I would keep with me at all times. Making up stories based on movies and enacting them with my cars was the best thing to do back then. The enactment was not just about creating traffic jams, police chase sequences and parking in perfect order but also about the realism that any crash would bring along. The desired effects were brought in with the help of a hammer mostly back then and of course, occasional bursts of crackers and small explosives. No wonder I ended up wrecking a huge number of my cars but well, that was some damn good fun back then.

No worries about how the life is putting the challenges in place for me to fare, no hiccups about what to do, how to do, when to do is still a feeling I definitely miss from back then. But then, the time doesn't stop and one grows up, gets busy with whatever the life has to offer.

All this time, while I chased something to become something in the world, I forgot what it was like being a kid back then and what joy that one single Hot Wheels car used to bring me. Incidentally, I happened to end up being an Automotive Designer and as I began to work, I had the money to once again go back to the toy shops and buy the cars I always admired. Only this time, the motive was a little different. What started out as an impulsive buy of a few Lamborghinis and Ferraris has developed into a full scale collection over the past decade.... This is a small peep into just one of the things that I am proudly addicted to.


Slowly and steadily, the number has grown and today it spans a good range of trucks, buses, cars and bikes each having its own story and significance in the world of automobiles. Some are here for the sheer brilliance in design while the others are here because they are that unique. Nothing comes into the collection for no reason.

Most of my collection is in 1:43 and 1:64 scale, but there are other scales as well. 

aashish chaudhary
aashish chaudhary
aashish chaudhary

Hoping the madness continues and I find more like minded people

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